About artspire

Learn from the Masters of Art

About artspire:

artspire is a professional institution, which specializes in children visual arts education. We introduce an award-winning art educational curriculum, which in line with the United States VAPA (visual and performing arts) standard, developed by a group of elite artists from around the globe; together to create a first-class visual art educational curriculum for children.

Core Concept:

“Learn from the Masters of Art” is the core concept of artspire, the whole curriculum revolves around Maestro modules, through the appreciation of art masterpieces, broaden children’s horizons; guide children to understand the world with an open mind, and to express their own opinions and ideas; imperceptibly guiding children in learning art skills, and to carry out the artistic creation.

Children's art education

Children’s art education, is not only about teaching children how to draw, more is to teach children how to perceive, and to comprehend the art! The so-called art education should include art appreciation, art criticism, and art creation.

Art creation

Art creation, artspire provide our children to express art in various ways, including the use of all kinds of materials, techniques, themes; art works in forms of painting, collage, sculpture, design, and even modern devices; during which encouraging children not to only constantly search and understand the solutions to the problem on hand, at the same time help them to find their favorite and unique expression of art.

Art appreciation

Art appreciation allows children to open their mind, accumulate information and knowledge. Similar to parents taking their children travelling around the world, seeing different places and people helps with growth of insight. Whilst children appreciating masterpieces of art, they increase their knowledge for art and humanities, broaden their horizons, and open their mind.

Art work

Our children forms and accumulate knowledge of art through art appreciation, and establishes their own conception of art through art criticism, combined with a variety of art forms and styles, one can create his own connotation and ideas, and thus produce a unique form of art work.

Art criticism

Art criticism allows children to form independent views, through expressing or commenting on the feelings and thoughts of a painting, children understands that art is not simply parroting, that each minds’ idea is unique; this is the atmosphere artspire provides for our children, help them to learn and think independently, this certainly will become a valuable asset in ones life.

Into children's life

At the same time, art education is not limited to the classroom, but should also include all kinds of art activities, such as visits to art galleries, exhibition site creation, holding individual exhibitions, etc.. When art is integrated into children’s life, that allows children to have a free, joyful and stress-free time; exonerated from heavy load of schoolwork. Children shall have an extraordinary and quality childhood experience.

Our team of Artists

Marta Liszka



2011 Awards from publishers: Hocus Pocus and Debit
2009 Won the EMPIK contest for illustrations for “The Book, Comma and Dot


2013 Illustrations for “Snap!” written by G.Kasdepke
2013 Illustrations for “Grandfather on a Swing”
2013 Project- Children’s handbook “Pathfinders”, WSiP
2012 Illustrations for “The Walk” written by Lukaszlecki, published by Czerwony Konik
2011 Book design for “The Course of Publishing Design”,by the Modern Art Foundation
2011 Illustrations for “Porcupine and Rosie” and “Mr. Ignatius Bean”, published by the FOSTER Foundation
2009 Illustrations and cover for “The Book, Comma and Dot” written by Natalia Usenko, published by EMPiK
2009 Illustrations for “Abecynia”, “Simon’s the Magician”, “The Moles”, “Cat, Boy and Spirit” “The Story about the Big Mess”

Marta Liszka - 2

Sonia Alins



2013 Associació Professional D’il·lustradors De Catalunya Junceda award. Best Illustrated Educational Project of the Year.
2011 Associació Professional D’il·lustradors De Catalunya Junceda award. Best Illustrated Children’s Book of the Year in Catalonia.


2010 La princesa y el dragón
2009 Tens un missatge
2007 Com va aconseguir l’elefant la trompa?
2005 Körper, Räume, Koordination
2004 Juegos de Ritmo
2004年 3~5岁儿童趣味教育项目
2003 Giochi in movimento. 300 giochi psicomotori. Per bambini dai 3 ai 6 anni

Sonia Alins - 3




2006 The third Taiwan Fantasy Cultural Illustration Award
2009 “Tuo Yun Zhe” Top Three finalists, twenty-first Century Picture Book Award


2004 “SYPHUS OUVRE A TOI!”Painting Exhibition held in Lyon, France
2007 Included in the “Illustration Market 302” of Taiwan Three Culture of Style
2008 “Computer Arts” Magazine Interview

Xu Jin - 2

Juanjo Barco



2012 Illustrated Compositions of Tourist Cities: Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia
2010 Illustrations for Educational Project “Ricky the Robot” (Pre-school level for 3 years old children), Pearson Education. Madrid
2008 Educational books (Natural Sciences) for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grade (Compass Project). Editorial Everest, Leon.
2007 Character design and illustrations for the English educational project “Colours 5 and 6” (Pupil’s Book and Activity Book), Cambridge University Press, Barcelona

Juanjo Barco - 2

Elena Catalán



2011 La Femme in the El pla del Encants
2010 Jordi Rubió I Balaguer children’s illustration exhibition
2008 Artevistas BCN gallery exhibition
2006 Cal Ninyo exposition
2005 Baix Llobregat art exhibition
2005 Sweden Noia – Föreningsgatan 47 art exhibition
2004 The 100 anniversary of Daly group exhibition
2003 A midsummer night’s dream, Rambla Rafael Casanovas -Sant Boi – BCN

Elena Catalán - 2

Nicolae Negura



2012 First Prize- ETIC Ilustra Caminhos
2008 Third Prize- Pixel Upgrade Challenge of The 115 Digital
2007 First Prize- “Atelier BD” with “Assommons les Pauvres” by Charles Baudelaire
2005 Third Prize- National Olympiad of Fine Arts (Iasi), Traditional painting

Nicolae Negura - 2

Urszula Palusinska



2014 European Design Awards- Silver Award(Book Illustration)
2014 BOLOGNARAGAZZI Award (Non-fiction)- Gold Medal
2014 ILUSTRARTE- Special mention
2013 Polish section of IBBY/ Book of The Year- Special mention

Urszula Palusinska - 2