Classical Art Exploration Class (3 ~ 5 years old)

The curriculum was jointly developed by artists from Spain, Portugal, Singapore and others around the world; using variety of forms including pictorial stories, interactive games, creative paintings and many more.

The themes of the curriculum revolve around Masters of Art, which include Van Gogh, Miro, Monet… and modules of many other Masters.

Through each theme and modules children are given the opportunity to understand art, comprehend the world, and try to express themselves through art by using the basic elements and materials of painting, which in result also stimulate ones imagination and creativity.

During the course, artspire’s art teachers will accompany students to explore the infinite possibilities within the world of art.


  1. Identify lines, colors, and basic shapes
  1. Create art works by using everyday materials
  1. Master the use of basic drawing tools: pencil, paint, wax, clay
  1. Recognize art pieces and their creator within each Master of Art theme
Classical Art Master Class (6~8 years old)Classical Art Junior Class (9~12 years old)

Introduction to Exploration Course

Van Gogh

In Van Gogh theme module, students will get a chance to appreciate some of Van Gogh’s finest works including, the “Sunflower”, “Starry Night”, “Self Portrait” and other paintings representing themselves through stories, all which are compatible with the characteristics and point of interests for children of the age 3-5.  Under the guidance of our professional art teachers, students also get to sense texture of different objects, learning repetition of brush and brush strokes and collection. Based on students’ own observation and understandings, allow them to use their unique imagines to create their own piece of ‘Sunflower’, ‘Starry night’, ‘Grassland’, and other works of Art.

Trial Lesson

In Rousseau’s theme module, Jean Jacques Rousseau is a Dream Catcher, his work is to enter people’s dreams, and recreate the scenes of those dream by painting them. One day, Rousseau received a gypsy girl…

When presented in such an interesting way, students of age 3-5 get to appreciate the ‘Sleeping Gypsy’ by Rousseau and other surrealism pieces; and understand that art creation can surpass the existence of the real world, but also within ones imagine. Under the guidance our professional art teachers, students will learn basic stripes and various patterns. In this module, students’ own unique imagination will be tested. Teachers will encourage students to try to imagine and create interesting things and scenes that do not exist in the real world, using a powerful and unconstrained style.

Trial Lesson

In the Kandinsky theme module, our art teachers will lead student to explore the relationship between music and painting. When entering the story, you will find the real Kandinsky and his imposter; a beautiful and intelligent princess then plays a delightful piece of music to reveal the true Kandinsky himself…

During the study of the Kandinsky module, students will gain two times the joy through music and art; our art teachers will guide student to feel the music in painting, as well as the collaboration of warm, calm, depth of colors and the emotions expressed through music.

When students grasp the content of this module, and try to use their own unique ways to paint and express Saint Saens’ famous ‘The Carnival of Animals’, surely mommies and daddies will be taken by surprise.

Trial Lesson

Impressionist Degas is known famously for painting ballerinas, his ability to capture an instant action left many artists amazed till this day. When learning this Degas module, student will find Degas as a miniature person; he has a magical power that is he can draw anything by simply taking a glimpse. One day, a witch in a theatre captured him…

What happened then? Students move on to learn more about the “Ballerina”, “Knight”, “Circus Miss Lala” with a keen interest…

During this module, art teachers introduce photography to our students; help them to understand how to capture a moment by taking a photo. Mom and dads will witness the giant steps students have taken, starting from art works that are missing pieces to the final completion of the composition.

Trial Lesson

Miro’s surrealism is full of fun; his wild imaginations often resonate with a child’s vision. When children see a Miro element, you will often hear them shout out, look! That’s Miro! Stars! …

In the Miro module, Miro and the monsters that he created arrived in this place called Harlequin, a fascinating carnival was held at the time, it even has a clown that blows smoke rings of all sort of shapes…

In lessons, students get to play with all sorts of shapes, and use these shapes in creating a monster of their own; they will also get to learn a carnival story that is filled with fun and excitement. All of the above will leave mom and dads marvel at their child’s creativity.

Trial Lesson

As the founder of impressionism, Monet’s application of light has been awed by many artists throughout history. Do you know what kind of games children can play involving light and colors?

In the Monet module, Monet’s garden receives a mysterious visitor, he demanded the little elephant Monet to paint a painting every hour; the answers to this mysterious man lays within the paintings…

Forget about learning for a second, let the children play with light and colors; our art teachers will accompany students to explore infinite possibilities within the world of light and colors.

Trial Lesson