Professional institution

artspire is a professional institution, which specializes in children visual arts education. We introduce an award-winning art educational curriculum, which in line with the United States VAPA (visual and performing arts) standard, developed by a group of elite artists from around the globe; together to create a first-class visual art educational curriculum for children.


3-5yrs Curriculum

The curriculum was jointly developed by artists from Spain, Portugal, Singapore and others around the world; using variety of forms including pictorial stories, interactive games, creative paintings and many more.

The themes of the curriculum revolve around Masters of Art, which include Van Gogh, Milo, Monet… and modules of many other Masters.


6-8yrs Curriculum

The curriculum was jointly developed by artists from Spain, Portugal, Singapore and others around the world; using variety of forms including pictorial stories, interactive games, creative paintings and many more.

The themes of the curriculum revolve around Masters of Art, which include Picasso, Matisse, Daly… and modules of many other Masters.


Allow children to immerse themselves in a multi-level art space, and experience genuine sense of art by fusing of art itself and fun.

GuBei, BiYun and SheShan Centre, each with their own characteristic but also unified by the same brand image; each Centre itself is an interior design work of art.

Gubei Centre stresses on the overall spatial change, children experience the joy of exploring space transfer;

BiYun Centre emphasizes in the extension of vision curves, allows children to follow the visual changes and attain new findings;

SheShan Centre was designed to conceal a variety of independent fun spaces within a modern exhibition setting. Which provide children with adequate settings to have fun both physical and mentally, also to appreciate art in a peaceful manner.


Curriculum created by a team of world-renowned artists.

The curriculum was developed by artists from Spain, Portugal Singapore and many other countries, and received numerous international rewards.

Integrating art education into life itself

artpire’s art courses showcases one master module on a monthly basis, through weekly classes children learn and discovers the style of each master of art, their masterpieces and creative methods.

In addition, every month there are a variety of artistic activities, such as the “Tribute to Andy Warhol” exhibition at the Shanghai Contemporary Art Museum, ‘The dot queen: Kusama Yayoi” creative event at the Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art, “Master of Impressionism: Monet, exhibition on children’s art creation’ at K11, just to name a few…

artspire holds an art exhibition each year, and through multi-dimensional ways of learning and activities, art becomes way of life for our students.

Amy was 5 and half when she first joined artspire’s Master Class; also one of its first members. It’s been 2 years since Amy came home excitedly with her first Van Gough piece, and now she has grew into an independent individual who has an unique perspective in both art and life; she is extremely capable with her hands, able to take the initiatives using material around her to draw, create and express her feeling, recording every bits and pieces of her life. Yet still, artspire’s weekly classes are her favorite things to do. Art pieces from 24 Masters of Art are blended into touching everyday life stories; children are brought into a charming artistic atmosphere by the exquisite interpretation of paintings from modern day artists and multi-media applications. Children then through their own comprehension, and the guidance of professional teachers; using various techniques, tools to create their own exclusive work of art – Not to imitate, not to dogma, seek for the most object patterns, elaborate utter most subjective childlike imagination. As professionally trained designer parents, we very much appreciate artspire’s teaching methodologies; our child is a living proof, learning and growing joyously at artspire.
Qing ShaoShanghai DongShi Architectural Design Consulting Co., Ltd. / Director of Design and Partner
My child started her classes at artspire when she was 3 and half, she would attend one class per week and on every visit we end up spending a couple of hours at artspire; we hope that our child is able to learn and explore freely in this unconstrained thinking environment, and also to enjoy the result it yields. For the past two years, I’ve seen my child and her friends learning together in this unconstrained space, at the initial stage of their self-aware journey of life, enjoying the joy and appreciating the charm that art brings; accompanying by art, growing and fulfilled from within.
Qing DuanVice President, ICBC JingAn Branch
I don’t have expectations for my daughters to become artists when they are grown, however, I do hope that they possess rich aesthetic knowledge and perception; artspire has met my needs, through appreciating works of art Masters, my children are learning the histories of art joyously.
Ying YangCo-publisher, UHomeland Pictorial
Sissi and Leo has been with artspire for 2 years, they have made progress of different kind. Sissi is a child who is more sensitive towards aesthetic perception; artspire’s methodologies have made significant impact on her ability to appreciate beauty. After countless encounters with our Masters of Art, she has also created her own unique style, able to express and record life’s bits and pieces through painting.  Interest and broaden one horizon is the foundation of education, artspire has done both in the field of Children Art Education, for that we are very grateful.


Leo was a child who has difficulties to concentrate, and he was clearly uninterested by art. 2 years at artspire has changed his character a lot, he could sit through every lesson and finish his artwork too. And now, he begs to come to artspire, reading a book, visiting art exhibitions, play and compete with a game of packing away the toys, he will not leave until he has to. He even invited his friends to his birthday party held at artspire. These are all unexpected results; children not only achieve artistically, but also gain an all-rounded development in a ‘second’ school environment.

Xiao Ling MiaoChief Designer, Content
“I am writing about Georgina’s wonderful achievement over the last 18 months since joining artspire.
Georgina has become a really well rounded artist and is passionate about art. She adores drawing, colouring and whenever wants something to do, immediately turns to drawing. I cannot thank enough for giving her the joy of appreciating and enjoying art. Your school is amazing giving children the opportunity to learn having fun.”