Custom Private Parties

Custom Private Parties

What is a Custom Private Party?

Fashionable themes, first experience of one’s always leaves with the deepest impression

Contents are fashionable: be dazzled with personal art exhibition, British equestrian, fashion design and vogue music band

Parents can socialize, art appreciation, wine tasting, modern design, topics and sharing

Modernized decorations, ‘Wow!’ will burst out of your mouth when you walk in the room

Theme 1: first personal art exhibition in life

artspire’s design team will exclusively plan and conduct your child’s first are exhibition in life

  • Over 300 m2 of exhibition space
  • Charity Auction for your child’s art pieces
  • Maze searching, ocean pool and loads of fun
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Theme 2: British Horse riding – ride for fun

Horse riding is a symbol of nobility in Europe; it’s not only a elegance sport, taming horse is a form of art for riders.

Allow children to familiarize with horses, animal that are larger in size, learn to communicate, even riding them; help him or her to have a real experience of noble character and courage.

  • Make friend with horses
  • Basic horse riding training
  • Learn to paint horses from Degas
  • Socializing over art of equestrian for parents
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Theme 3: Elsa’s Glamorous Dress – fun of design

Frozen is a dream for all girls around the world, why not design a dress for princess Elsa, give children a change to liberate their fantasies and infinite creativities.

  • Design a dress for Elsa
  • Elsa dress fashion show
  • Exchange of ideas between fashion designers and parents
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Theme 4: First life band performance in life

Learn basic skills of percussion music at the party, and form a band with friends and perform.

  • Learn basic skills of percussion music
  • Live band show
  • Parents socialize over music appreciation
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